About Me

I am a reflective practitioner. I believe that reflective practice is action focused and challenging. I use the creative and analytical thinking skills gained from studying a Masters Degree in Philosophy to help me deliver innovative practice. I am solution-orientated and directed towards identifying individual needs and facilitating changes in behaviour through improving verbal and non-verbal communication. My work using Video Interactive Guidance within families, develops attuned, empathic relationships to promote wellbeing and positive communication. My work in creating philosophical communities of enquiry in schools and colleges, improves creative and critical thinking through democratic, dialogic process. Both VIG and Philosophical Enquiry utilise the work of Vygotsky and the theory of intersubjectivity to develop methods that facilitate self-actualisation.

I achieved a grade one teaching observation grade for each of the last four years of my teaching. I taught on the DTLLS teacher-training programme, mentored new teachers, and maintained data that demonstrated that my A level courses in Philosophy, Government and Politics and Critical Thinking were at or above national average success and achievement rates. My students always achieved 100% success at A2 level. My commitment to engaging people is evidenced by the many nominations from students and from colleagues for the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ awards that I received during my teaching career. I won the award on two separate occasions, once for ‘Engaging and Motivating Learners’ and once for ‘Creating a Positive Community of Learning’.

I am absolutely committed to inclusivity and engaging with young people to support educational achievement. I have worked for the last three years within inclusion in order to identify the role of wellbeing in academic success. This has developed my understanding of how behaviour management, safeguarding, mental health, and the holistic environment impacts on learning and teaching. This journey has enabled me to identify the strategies and support that I need to ensure academic success for my students, to properly understand the place of learning and education within the broader context of the students’ experience, and the meaning that they give to that experience. I have developed a valuable set of interpersonal skills, have a profound commitment to the importance of education within people’s lives, and have deepened my understanding of how to support learning.